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Why do we want to know how the universe was made?

If scientists know how the universe is made then what will happen from that – what kind of benefit would they get from it?


at what rate are stars being consumed by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy?

At what rate are stars being consumed by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy?

steve w

How do space and gravity work together?

Like space time is the black stuff of space and gravity related in the same way? We know that galaxies are spinning to fast to stay together. They say it is the black stuff that stops or controls them from flying apart. So does gravity and the black stuff work together, and cannot be separated?

Don Lykles. New Zealand (55+)

Why can’t we see galaxies moving away from us?

How are galaxies speeding away from earth at 1 million meters per second? Why dont they look like they are moving that fast?

Asked by: Tiana

How large is the universe?

How large is the universe?


How do black holes form?

How do black holes form?
St.Anselms RC Primary School (Age 5-14)
Sylvia Kucharska-Nguyen and Year 3 from Kent (Age 5-14)

When a sun explodes, how does it affect its gravitation?

When a sun explodes or implodes will its gravitation get stronger, get weaker or what else will happen
Liam Pender from Greater London (Aged 5-14)

How often does the sun explode?

How often does the sun explode?
Sam Pear from Somerset (Age 5-14)

Can time really bend? If so, how?

My mum told me about �time bending� but i didn�t really understand how it happens and if things in the future have already happened…? Can time really bend?? And how does it work?
Katie from Cheshire (Aged 15-25)

Why is time different in Space?

Why is time different in Space?
Skye Redman from Somerset (Age 5-14)


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