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Can chocolate save your life?

Can chocolate save your life?
Megan Brooks from Derbyshire (age 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. I would like to think so : )

    Firstly when I go mountaineering I always take emergency chocolate with me, so if anything bad happens I’ve got some high energy food to keep me going.

    Secondly if you are diabetic you can’t control the amount of sugar in your blood. If a diabetics blood sugar goes too low then they can become quite ill quite quickly, and may even go into a coma. Lots of diabetics carry chocolate around with them, so if the amount of sugar in their blood goes too low they can top it up again before they get ill.

  2. Does chocolate make people happy?
    Chocolate can enhance or create a happy mood not just because it tastes good to us but also because it contains ‘happy hormones’, substances that affect the endorphin chemicals such as serotonins in the brain. (Exercise also releases endorphins as well).

    We’ve done lots on informal research on different chocolate bars here. I’m told by chocolate eating scientist colleagues here that one third of a Mars Bar (other chocolate varieties do exist) goes straight to your brain which is always hungry for glucose, a form of pure sugar.
    Unfortunately the other two thirds of the Mars bar (or other chocolate) probably goes straight from ‘lips to hips’ if you don’t burn off this ready source of energy. So heavy exercise and energy users like mountaineers wouldn’t put on weight or fat…

    Based on this, we reckon if you only eat a third of a Mars Bar at a time and do some exercise as well, this could be a sweet recipe for a happy, healthy life.

    We’re also quite keen on Fairtrade chocolate which makes you happy for another reason!
    It’s Fairtrade fortnight at the moment.
    A fair price for a fair product and a fair day’s work … the chance to send children to school, afford medicine and clean water. This is another way chocolate can save or improve someone’s life!

    Mark Norris and other chocolate eating colleagues at Newquay Zoo

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