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Could you ever create and contain a black hole?

Could you ever create and contain a black hole? If so, what would be the implications?
James Goad from Surrey (age 25-34)

What is the smallest sustainable black hole and could we create one in present day research Programmes?
Bob Hindley from Lancashire (Age: 55+)


One Response

  1. Tiny black holes could soon be made on demand in particle accelerators, but shortly after their birth, they will blink out of existence.
    An astronomical black hole forms when enough matter is squashed into a small enough space to reach a critical density. According to theory, the same critical density could be reached if two particles slam violently together, creating a tiny black hole. Just how violent the collision must be depends on the number of dimensions in our universe. If there are only the three dimensions of space we’re familiar with, then making black holes would require particle energies far greater than any known process can produce. But if the Universe has extra dimensions, as quantum theories of gravity predict, then gravity could get much stronger at very short distances and suck the two colliding particles together once they get close enough. Black hole creation could then be within reach of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the new accelerator in Geneva due to start smashing protons in May 2008.
    See: http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/29199

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