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How do you make petrol?

How do you make petrol?
Matthew Holt from Redcar and Cleveland (age 5-14)


11 Responses

  1. Put simply, petrol is obtained from crude oil.

    The oil, which is a mixture of hundreds of liquids of different boiling points is put into a huge column and heated from the bottom.

    The liquids with the lowest boiling points rise up the column and are collected from the upper regions.
    Other liquids are collected part way down and heavy oils are collected from the bottom.
    Tar is found to collect at the base of the column.

    Petrol is one of the low boiling liquids that are collected near the top.

    Petrol is quite complicated; the different molecule mixtures that are put into a car for example have to be carefully designed so that they burn well.

    Of course, when we run out of petrol we will have to manufacture oils that can be burned in car engines that are obtained from plants and this is being done already i.e. vehicles can run on chip-shop oil.

  2. Petrol is one of the fractions of crude oil; a thick (viscous) liquid which often has the appearance and consistency of treacle.
    Crude oil itself is a mixture of hydrocarbons that have existed as a liquid in natural underground reservoirs, and which may be brought to the surface by a range of methods. Once at the surface this mixture can be separated based on the temperature at which different components boil (fractional distillation). The mixture of components (that make up the bulk of what is used in car engines) separate from the rest of the Crude oil at approximately 140C. In addition additives are also placed into this fraction to make the vehicle more efficient, and up until recently some of these were harmful to the environment.
    There can be thousands of different chemicals in the original Crude oil, which are different from one type of oil to the next. My research has found that the differences between even very similar Crude oils can mean that after extended periods of time in the environment spilled oils can still be identified.

  3. how long does it take to make petrol ????????????????????????????

  4. How does shell get their gas?

  5. what chemicals are in petrol

  6. So to summarise, they get crude oil in big cylinders, heat to 140C+ with various taps into the cylinder, the tap at the range where it’s 139-150 I would assume is where they drain out the petrol. Most of the time the ‘additives’ added will be ethanol or methanol. Ethanol is from fermenting (boiling off) plant matter in water.

  7. hey guys, i just saw this movie cal gamer,,, in that movie, the hero uses alcohol and urine to drive the car.. im here i am thinking how does it works? so does it reli works? how?

  8. petrol is made from crude oil

  9. What is more expensive to make? Petrol for your car or Diesel

  10. there’s not much difference

  11. What is more expensive to make? Petrol for your car or Diesel ,2what chemicals are in petrol

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