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Is it possible to create a time machine?

Is it possible to create a time machine?
Madison Hall from Lancashire (age 5-14)

Will there ever be a time machine?
Jakep from Leicester (Age 5-14)

Will we be able to do time travel?
Daniel Whiting from Suffolk (Age: 5-14)

Will a time machine ever be invented? (Because surely the people from the future would have visited us by now…)
Laith Alobaidi from Berkshire (Aged 5-14)

Can we go back in time?
Shannon from Hertfordshire (aged 5-14)

Is time travel possible?
Matt and Harry from Kent (aged 5-14)


One Response

  1. Professor of Theoretical Physics, Paul Davies, addressed this question in his 2001 book, How To Build a Time Machine. If we want to travel into the future, all we need is a time machine that can move at a velocity close to the speed of light. As our spaceship approaches this speed, the slower time moves. Once you get back to Earth, you will hardly have aged. Decades, or even centuries, will have passed ‘back home’.

    According to physicist J Richard Gott in his 2002 book Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe, travelling back in time is far trickier. It entails fiddling with wormholes, cosmic strings or black holes. These are the kind of time machines feasible only with mind-warping technology.

    And in 2007, American scientist Ronald Mallett broke the news of his life-long struggle to build a time machine. Mallett’s take on temporal travel is to bend space-time. Massive objects such as stars and planets do. Mallett is among those who believe that light too can bend the continuum.

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