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Is there life on the other planets?

Is there life on the other planets?
Katarina from Greater Manchester (age 5-14)
Kris Fisher from Tyne and Wear (age 5-14)

Is there life or humans on another planet?
Class 3 from Nottingham (Age: 5-14)

Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?
(This won the popular vote in the mix-ability, mixed gender class).
1R2 Science Class, Stirling High School from Stirling (Age 5-14)

Is there life out there in space like us?
Joel from Hertfordshire (Age 5-14)

What is on the other planets?
Olivia from West Midlands (age 5-14)

Is their another planet with life on it….?
Robyn from Greater London (age 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Most physicists would say ‘yes’. They’re impressed by the fact that there are more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all the Earth’s beaches. And many of those stars would have orbiting planets. Biologists are more sceptical. Evolution wouldn’t necessary produce life, and certainly wouldn’t necessarily produce intelligence…

  2. I wouldn’t agree that biologists are more sceptical. Nobody can ignore the statistical probability of extraterrestrial life. Of course evolution has been explained with plenty of scientific evidence. The origin of life was an extremely rare ‘chance’ event and so far as we know has only ever happened once. However, let’s say the chances of life originating on a planet is 1 in a billion. Scientists have estimated that the known Universe contains 1 billion billion planets. Therefore, taking the odds into account this would mean life has potentially originated on 1 billion planets.

    Unfortunately due to the size of the Universe it would take 2 million years travelling at the speed of light to reach our nearest neighbouring galaxy. So currently all we have to go on is mathematical probability based on what we know happened here on Earth and the potential number of planets within the Universe.

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