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What are black holes made from?

What are black holes made from?
Jessica Garrison from Warwickshire (age 5-14)

How are black holes formed?
Johanna James from Tyne and Wear (Age: 25-34)

Do black holes exist? If so, where are they?
Selase Avadzi from Greater London (age 5-14)

How are black holes made?
Harry Craddock from Dorset (age 5-14)

What is a black hole?
Sally Toon from South Yorkshire (age 5-14)


3 Responses

  1. The simple answer is nothing at all. Black holes are the result of collapsed stars. At least that’s what I’ve been told but it’s a very complicated subject.

    The density of a black hole is so great that even light can not escape its pull, but it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t something at the centre of it. Even if it was so small we couldn’t detect it.

  2. Black holes are made from super dense matter – they are formed by gravity being so intense that the atoms in a star are super compressed together – these atoms are helium and hydrogen that exist in stars.

    As the matter gets denser then the gravitational effect increases because gravity is a function on mass (weight). The heavier something is the greater its gravity, this is why on the moon people only weight one sixth they do on the earth because the moon is one sixth the weight of the earth.

    So the star gets heavier and heavier as all the gaps between the atoms are squished out – and the gravity gets stronger and stronger – squishing it more. As the gravity increases it becomes so strong that light itself cannot reach escape velocity from the star.

    The escape velocity is the speed you need to reach without propulsion to escape the gravity of a large object, on earth you can do it in a rocket if you reach a speed of 11km per second. Light travels at 300,000km per second but if the gravity is so strong eventually that isn’t fast enough to escape and at that point light cannot leave the star.

    if light cannot leave then the star stops being visible and becomes a black hole.

  3. It is not so complex you may study that there is large space between nucleus and electron when they is very pressure the electron is pushed toward the nucleus and it losses it orbit and now Maxwell theory came into action and electron losses energy and finally it collide with nucleus (may be called as atom collapse) now material become super dense so as gravity varies with density more density more gravity less density less gravity
    So, from above lines you may now understood that black hole are made of matter.
    (if till now you didn’t understand than think if sun become black hole will mercury will eaten by the sun or not you get the answer.)

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