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What are the stars made of and how are they made?

What are the stars made of and how are they made?
Kayla Pratt from Redcar and Cleveland (age 5-14)


One Response

  1. Have you ever seen the Sun shining in the sky Kayla? Well, that’s what stars are. Stars are just suns – huge balls of very hot gas, much bigger than Earth – that are so far away from us in space that they look just like tiny points of light in the sky. Each star you see twinkling in the sky is a “distant sun”. And if there are aliens out there in space, they see OUR Sun as a tiny star twinkling in their night sky after their own sun has set.

    Stars are basically made of gas – hydrogen and helium – and a few other elements too. They’re made inside enormous glowing clouds of gas and dust called nebulae (“neb-you-lay”). Inside the heart of these clouds gas and dust gathers and squeezes together under gravity, gradually getting bigger and bigger, until eventually there’s so much pressure in their middles that they ignite in a nuclear reaction, start to shine brightly – and a new star is born. If you travelled back in time 5 billion years you wouldn’t see the Sun, you’d see one of those nebulae, with the baby Sun being born in its middle. Cute! 🙂

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