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What is a bubble — gas liquid or solid?

What is a bubble, gas liquid or solid?
Nina Stanger from Cambridgeshire (age 35-44)


3 Responses

  1. You could say that a bubble is all three – almost! For a soap bubble the centre is air with a skin surrounding it. The skin is not really a solid though, but a stretchy liquid. You could picture this a bit like a party balloon.

    Bubbles, or gas-filled “holes”, can be found in liquids (e.g. fizzy lemonade) and solids (e.g. glass). So the answer really depends on which part of the bubble you are talking about!

    Gillian Thomson
    Lecturer, Chemical Engineering
    Heriot-Watt University

  2. I had the same question! I’ve been pondering it for awhile and I think I have an answer.
    Let’s start with the dictionary definitions of solids, liquids, and gases:

    solid- a state of matter that keeps its shape and volume

    liquid- a state of matter that takes the shape of its container but keeps the same volume

    gas- a state of matter that takes the shape and volume of its container

    Ok, these aren’t exact dictionary defintions, but this is exactly what I was taught in science class. Now, when I think of a bubble, I think of the kind that you blow out of a bubble wand and goes floating in the air. I’m going by that description.
    A bubble floats in the air, like a gas. It’s lining is made from bubble soap, which is a liquid. But it does NOT take the shape of it’s container, like a solid. So here is my conclusion:
    The inside of a bubble is a gas, but I don’t believe it is a part of the bubble. It just fills it up, like a balloon. So, it is not a gas. A bubble’s lining is made of a liquid, but the whole bubble doesn’t take its container’s shape. Of course, the only reason it does that is because it is filled with a gas. And the gas is not PART of the bubble. THEREFORE, I BELIEVE A BUBBLE TO BE A LIQUID.

  3. Ive been asking this all day. I don’t have an anwser but some veiws to think about.
    Liqud: It’s made of liqud soap. But a bubble has a definate shape a liqud does not.
    Soild: it has a deffint shape, untill it pops
    Gas: It’s filled with gas but not forever, POP.

    So there’s my veiws so your free to think about them!

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