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What is stopping the water powered internal combustion engine?

What is stopping/holding up the development of the self perpetuating water powered internal combustion engine in combination with photo voltaic solar cells and batteries?
Steven Nuttall from Hampshire (age 35-44)


5 Responses

  1. Water powered? Water doesn’t burn and so it can’t be the source of any kind of combustion.

    In the UK at least there is not a lot of energy in sunlight (none at night, very little in the winter, and around a peak of 500 Watts per square metre in the summer. So 2 square metres of perfectly efficient solar cells might generate 1 kW on a very sunny summer day.

    In contrast a small petrol engine easily develops 50kW. And actually solar cells are only around 20% efficient . So even at best solar power cars have around 100 times less energy to work with than a conventional Internal Combustion Engine

  2. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking but as water is an incompressible fluid you would have to pump water in order to get movement out. A ‘normal’ internal combustion engine can actually be used as a pump itself as long as there is an external drive.

    The easier way to get the rotary motion would be to use the electric motor instead of a piston type engine. I guess the reason why is that it’d be messy and of low efficiency.

  3. Water could only be used in a combustion engine if it were to be split into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis might do this but you would have to get the energy to split it from electricity or a reactor. Maybe that is a good way of storing spare energy from wind turbines or PV panels.

  4. Question related to this: Is there any way to solve global warming?

  5. There was an inventor who developed an engine fueled by water. It had an onboard electrolysis system, and the tank was filled water. Just water.

    He died under questionable circumstances.


    I’m not a conspiracy theorists in any way, but this smells funny

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