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What is the most likely way the earth will end?

What is the most likely way the earth will end?
Laura from West Yorkshire (age 5-14)

How long is the earth going to live for?
Charlie from Staffordshire (age 5-14)


3 Responses

  1. In all probability, the Earth will finally frazzle when our Sun becomes a red giant in about 4-5 billion years time. Human excesses are unlikely to kill the Earth. They are more likely to threaten humanity itself.

  2. The most likely way Earth will end has to do with the lifetime of The Sun. The Sun burns hydrogen as fuel and that’s what makes it shine, but its only got so much. When it runs out of hydrogen it will swell up as it struggles to use up the last of this fuel. As it gets bigger and bigger it will get closer and closer to the Earth and this will make Earth hotter and hotter. Some scientists believe that this will happen in one billion years (that’s 1 with 9 zeroes after it!) At this point the Earth will be so hot that the oceans will boil away meaning things will be too hot for life to survive.

    For more astronomy and science related fun, visit http://www.sciencemadefun.org.uk

  3. It is true the sun will go red giant in about 6 billion years and frazzle the earth. But we could be evaporated before that via a massive collision with an asteroid (people call these “killer asteroids”), or more spectacular, a nearby star could go supernova and boil off our atmosphere. Turns out astronomers have found a candidate star for a supernova relatively nearby, so that is worry! It’s hard to predict what will get us first, but there are many ways to die. However, I can reassure you that more earthly problems will likely get us first, like crossing the road, eating bad food, etc. So you still need to go to school and pay the mortgage. Cheer up!

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