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What would be the result of 2 black holes colliding together?

What would be the likely result of 2 black holes colliding together? Would they fuse together or create a Big Bang? Could all matter be dispersed through the resulting explosion and high density material fragmented (black holes) dispersed?
William John from Buckinghamshire (age 35-44)

What would happen if two black holes met?
Thomas Bacharach from Dorset (age 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Hello William,

    This is a very exciting topic at the moment as there are several experiments running or about to start that are looking for exactly this process. The collision of two black holes would be one of the most violent events in the universe releasing huge amounts of energy and resulting in a single larger black hole.

    Einstein’s equations predict that such events should give off very characteristic waves – called gravity waves. By detecting these waves scientists can then infer the much about the original collision. So far no one has ever spotted these gravity waves which are waves in the fabric of space-time causing all distances and times to compress and expand as the gravity wave passes through us.

    Very sophisticated experiments are required to measure these and to be free from the enormous vibrations caused by our own environment.

  2. Thank you very much Mr Rizvi I look forward to finding out the results of these future experiments.


    Mr John

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