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Who has greater will power, females or males?

Who has greater will power, females or males?
Clarissa from Greater London (age 5-14)


One Response

  1. Looking at the rest of the animal world (of which we are part); it’s a real mix of areas where males and females are in charge, bossy, determined or dominant in different animal groups.

    Competition for food, territory, power and survival bring out different strengths in different people or animals, male or female. (Changing sex which some marine animals do to fill a leadership role is a clever sideways solution).

    Meerkats, Madagascan Lemurs and some small monkeys like Marmosets have a female in charge, often the oldest (wisest? most cunning?) female until a (fitter? stronger? more cunning?) rival takes over. Males soon learn their place in the group.

    Bigger, stronger or just fiercer?
    Sometimes the female might be dominant to males by sheer fierceness not just size. Our Madagascan Fossa female is smaller but fiercer and more aggressive than our males. In a wild group she would fight the males and watch them fight amongst each other to test out strength (and good strong genes for her young).
    A female in defence of its young against others or other males is obviously very determined as well!

    (This avoids having to answer the question based on just humans, as I am outnumbered and surrounded by female staff in the zoo department that I run! I don’t always win arguments over how to run things. Backing down, agreeing to differ and compromise are good too sometimes.)

    Mark Norris (and other zoo staff)
    Newquay Zoo

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