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Why can’t people live forever?

Why can’t people live forever?
Thomas Mcfall from Warwickshire (age 5-14)
Luke from Somerset (aged 15-25)

Will humans be able to live forever?
Stephen Plant from Greater London (Age 25-34)

How do you live forever? Is it really possible?
Sonia Mansouri from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

How do you live forever?
Corinne Kerr from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

Why do you have to die, why can’t you live forever?
Luci Murray from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

Can people live forever?
Mariko Yanagisawa from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

Will there ever be a time when everybody never ages and never dies?
Abby Deakin from York (age 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Because our bodies wear out gradually over time.

    Even if we manage to avoid diseases like cancer eventually the bits of us that are vital to keep us going – particularly our hearts – just wear out!

  2. The things that cause aging are numerous, such as various types of damage and the genetically encoded capacities of our bodies to resist and to repair such damage. They are way too numerous for any single intervention, that anyone can currently imagine, to effectively stop aging. Currently the longest lifespan extension demonstrated by feeding a drug is about 40% in fruit flies.

    Future therapies may conceivably allow us to live much longer, but whether this extension would be normal active living or more like suspended animation is another question. In any case I would be very surprised if anything significant developed within the next 80 years. However there are others who would disagree with my assessment.

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