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Why do we still have monkeys and other primates?

As per Darwin’s theory, humans evolved from primates such as monkeys. If that is true then why do we still have monkeys and other primates?
Pravin from Aberdeen (age 35-44)


One Response

  1. Although new species evolve from older ones, they do not necessarily replace them, nor do the older species themselves stop evolving. The evolution of humans, and indeed of all species, can be viewed as a huge family tree, with chimps and humans on different branches. Take my family tree; I have a sister, joined to me just one level up by our parents. I also have lots of cousins and our branches join at our grandparents. Just as it is with my family tree, as you move up through the branches of the evolutionary tree you will find that humans and chimps share a common ancestor. This common ancestor was a type of ape and when the divide occurred two new lineages began, just as happened with my family tree when my sister and I were born, one lineage lead to the chimps we see today and the other to humans, both changing along the way.
    Chimps (a type of ape) are our closest living relatives, if you go further up through the branches you will find the ancestor we share with monkeys.
    Not all branches in evolution are successful and for various reasons, such as habitat changes, disease and competition with other species, their branches stop. When this happens a species becomes extinct.

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