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Why is the sky so blue?

Why is the sky so blue?
Class 1S from Greater London (Environment & Natural World Big Questions)


3 Responses

  1. Blue sky is caused by the refraction of White light from the sun in Oxygen.
    The sun gives out light in all frequencies or colours from Ultra Violet to Infra Red and beyond. White light we see is made of all the colours in the rainbow. When we look at sunlight it is yellow because the blue light is filtered out by the oxygen in the atmosphere.

    Around the earth is a protective atmosphere of lots of gases including nitrogen which we don’t breathe and oxygen which we breathe in and Carbon Dioxide which we breathe out and several other gasses. The light when it comes to the earth is filtered through the atmosphere for us to see it and so the oxygen filters out the blue light. This is the colour of the sky we see because as well as filtering the light when the light comes to our atmosphere it is bent ever so slightly. This is how we get dusk and dawn when we should have darkness but a little bit of light flows around the edge of the world in the sky to give us dawn and dusk.

    In space where we have no atmosphere light and dark is total and in the shadow of anything it is totally dark. Also the sun is a bright white and the sky seems to be black. Its not really black just that there is so little light coming from the stars compared to the sun our eyes see it as black.

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