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Will the sun ever die or go cold?

Will the sun ever die or go cold?
Ross from Cheshire (age 5-14)

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One Response

  1. Yes one day the Sun will die. The reason that the Sun shines is that it burns hydrogen as fuel. However, the Sun only has so much hydrogen. As it starts to run out of fuel it will start to swell up into what is called a Red Giant star. Giant obviously because it is bigger, and red because it is cooling down as it gets bigger (red stars are cooler than blue stars). The Sun will get so big that it will burn the Earth but not for another 5 billion years (that’s 5 with 9 zeros after it). Then it will puff its outer layers out into space and all that is left will be the core which will be about the size of the Earth. This is called a white dwarf and over time it will cool down more and more.

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