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How was the universe created?

We have been told that the universe comes from a single point a long time ago from the Big Bang, but one teacher said that the Universe may have always existed as part of another Universe. I think it is called string theory. Which version is correct?
Anna Armstrong from Greater London (Age 5-14)

Did all the matter in the universe really come from one tiny particle that exploded and if so how is that possible?
Pat from Glasgow
Age 35-44

Many people ask how the world began, but do we know whether there was any beginning to the universe?
G Hempell from Gloucestershire (Age: 55+)

How was the universe made?
Elliot from Stoke on Trent (Aged 5-14)

How did the universe start?
Callum Whitecross from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

How was the universe created?
Craig from Hampshire (aged 5-14)

How did space get there?
Regan from Kent (aged 5-14)


3 Responses

  1. Hello Anna,

    This is a very interesting question. In truth, no ones knows, and we may not ever know the answer to those types of questions fully!

    So far most scientists agree that the universe was born from a single point which exploded called the Big Bang. We can do experiments with particle accelerators that try to re-create the conditions that existed just a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang. These experiments agree with observations made by astronomers of the universe around us, giving us confidence in our results.

    But the big problem in understanding the very beginning of the universe is to try and get gravity and quantum physics to merge into a single theory. This has so far proved to be very difficult. String Theory is one attempt to try and merge these two areas of physics together. Not only is the mathematics very hard, but to test this theory we would need to build particle accelerators of the size of our solar system to be able to reach the energies needed.

    The new LHC particle accelerator in Geneva may provide some important clues to this puzzle when it switches on for the first time this summer.

  2. We just don’t know for sure at the moment. We can understand a great deal about the universe from a very short time just after the Big Bang, but there’s no one definite theory we have that tells us what happened at that moment or before, or if there was a before. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to make observations that tell us more about those times and find out which of our ideas is most probably right, but at the moment I’m afraid your Big Question is still a bit too Big to be answered for sure!

  3. God created the universe and eveything in it. Science and the Bible prove it. The Big Bang is fake. Think about it, if you left a room messy for millions of years, after those millions of years do you think the room would be perfectly clean? No! Of course not. It’s the same concept as the Big Bang

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