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Are carnivores and omnivores more intelligent than herbivores?

Are carnivorous and omnivorous animals more intelligent than herbivorous animals? Vegetarian mammals in herds do not appear to be as intelligent as the animals that prey on them. It looks to be a similar story in the bird world too.

Michele Mensing from Greater London (Age 35-44 )


2 Responses

  1. Not necessarily no. Certain primates are herbivores and they are considered to be very intelligent demonstrating group bonding, communication, even very primitive tool use and problem solving abilities. Crocodiles are carnivores and don’t seem that bright. Many carnivores sit and wait for their prey – ambush predators seem to be too patient to be that intelligent; for a start what do they think of whilst they wait for an animal to walk past them? It might be a different story if you were talking about group predators that act as teams or packs though.

  2. In response the Leslie, most “primates” have been found to be omnivorous, not herbivores.
    Ambush predators aren’t necessarily dummies either. They have to be able to understand their prey enough to set them up for the kill. Patience is generally a sign of intelligent, not stupidity.

    In closing, yes carnivores are “generally” more intelligent than herbivores based on the stills required to survive, as Michele mentioned.

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