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Can we get mutated?

Can we get mutated?
Ross Catchpole from Tyne and Wear (Age 5-14)


3 Responses

  1. We get mutated all the time but if you mean like the X-men and have special powers I think it’s unlikely!

    Mutation is just when there is a change in the structure of DNA. DNA codes for everything within us. Every time one of our cells divide there is a possibility of mutation. Radiation can damage DNA and cause mutation that way and cancer is really a kind of mutation with cells growing uncontrollably. Lots of mutations don’t really have any effect because they are very small and in a part of DNA that doesn’t matter very much, but some mutations can have a big effect like causing serious diseases because they are in a very important part of the DNA.

    The variation in people such as eye colour, hair colour, etc. is all caused by changes in the structure of specific genes. These are all mutations really.

  2. Mutations in the DNA of individual cells in our bodies occur frequently. Mostly they have no effect, but on occasion they can. Perhaps the most obvious case is where mutagens such as the chemicals in cigarette smoke or radiation result in a mutation that leads to cancer. Fortunately most human cancers only occur after several mutations occur in the same cell which reduces the risk developing the disease. As we get older the chances that multiple mutations accumulate in the same cell increases. This why cancer tends to be more common in older people.

  3. We are all mutants! That what gives everyone their individuality. Genetic variation……. each cell in your body is constantly under attack from chemicals that can damge you DNA and natural radiation.
    lucikly our cells can repair most of this damage. Occasionally mutations result can trigger some cells to start growing when they should not. This can induce a cancer – uncontrollled cell division – . Cancer cells are mutant cells.

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