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What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life?
Kristian Simpson from Tyne and Wear (Age 5-14)
Bob from Aberdeen (Age: 5-14)
Jack Warwick from Portsmouth (Age: 5-14)
Ricky from Somerset (Aged: 15-25)
Callum Heenan from Somerset (aged 5-14)
Dean Woodyatt from Somerset (Age 5-14)
Ellie from Berkshire (age 5-14)

Will something ultimately reveal itself as being the purpose behind the existence of life on this planet (and perhaps elsewhere in the universe) and make our existence have reason or will our lives and those of our ancestors past and future remain futile?
Anthony Hemsley from West Sussex  (Age: 25-34)

Why do we live e.g. do we have a task to do or do we just live
Isaac Kneath from Swansea  (Age: 5-14)

What is the reason for our existence?
Andrew from West Midlands (age 5-14)


4 Responses

  1. If a fundamental meaning of life does exist, then my personal belief is it is far beyond the realms of the human mind. Either we simply cannot find one, or we would never understand it if we did (a point that Douglas Adams cleverly, and humourously makes).

    To think that life has no fundamental meaning and is therefore futile is very dangerous territory. If life is completely worthless, then why is murder an issue? I think it’s far better to give your life a meaning, whether by trying to achieve in a career, or to bring up a family or whatever you choose. It might not be “the” meaning of life, but it doesn’t really matter.

  2. It seems to me that every organism on earth has some purpose. Whether it is part of the food chain or converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and hydro carbons. Even organisms that do not seem to have any benefit (such as mosquitos) probably turn out to be important to other lifeforms that we do value. It is only when something dissapears do we realise the impact it had.
    I believe that life is about firstly about maintaining the planet earth and ultimately the system of the universe.
    It is either that or a complete fluke

  3. I don’t believe that life has a meaning. Does an animal need a meaning for it’s life?
    We are animals that have developed an intelligence that is very self aware so we seek to understand unanswerable questions such as this.
    Life has a purpose. The purpose of life is to survive.
    All life on Earth has evolved in response to stimuli such as mating, feeding and self preservation.
    Every form of life on Earth is chained to every other form of life by predation.

    We find it hard to understand our environment because it has formed us and as such we see ourselves at the centre of it.

  4. What is the meaning of existence of salt? Or of an electron? It is simply there.
    Life as such has no meaning, but biological creatures do have meaning, and intelligent beings also have meaning.

    For a simple virus the meaning is to multiply as fast as it can.
    For algae it is to multiply as fast as it can, and to behave so that it can maximise the amount of solar energy it can use.
    For chicken it is to eat, not get caught by predators, mate, and have a high ranking in the pecking order.
    For a cat it is to eat, get cuddled often, mate, defend it’s territory, have fun playing, and avoid being hurt.

    We have the option to consciously wonder why it is that we do what we do, but we are still bound by rules which have evolved with us, and which makes up most of our behavior. We might want universal justice, but justice is itself a behavior that has evolved to make it possible for creatures to live in groups.

    The fact that we are conscious means that we can make our own meaning, or simply don’t care if there is a meaning.

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