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What will happen to me if the Earth stops spinning?

What will happen to me if the Earth stops spinning?
Vijay Narbad from Norfolk (Age 15-24)

Will the earth ever stop spinning on its axis?
Jonathan Dewhurst from Tyne and Wear (Age: 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Very good question Vijay. As objects go the planets are fairly large and so it would be quite unusual for one of them to stop spinning. The earth spinning is quite important for us since we live on it. If it did stop spinning suddenly and everything on it kept going(like us and cars and buildings) there would be quite a mess since right now we are moving at about 1000 mph. Assuming that we also stopped rotating(so there was no mess) then the next thing some people would notice is that the sun would stay in the same place and our a day would then be 365 days long instead of 24 hours. So the side that got the sun all day would get very hot an the side away from the sun would get very cold( very long night). This is what Mercury is like. The rotation of Mercury is very slow and the same side is always facing the sun so it get very hot on that side.

    Also, the earth’s weather and tides are influenced by its rotation. So ther would probably be one stationary low pressure on the hot side with the air always rising and one stationary high pressure on the cold side with the air constantly sinking and a huge wind as the high pressure system fed cold air to the hot side of the planet.

    A long term issue would be the earths magnetic field. We are not sure how but we think that the magnetic field is linked with our rotation so it might start to decrease. Once it reduced we in danger from solar flares. These high energy particles from the sun would get right through to the surface instead of being directed to the poles by our magnetic field.

    So all in all our rotation is quite important for life on earth.

  2. thanks, this really helped me on my project

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