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Why do we sneeze?

Why do we sneeze?
Lilah from Hampshire (Age 5-14)

What makes us sneeze?
Nadiya Basite from Swansea (age 5-14)


One Response

  1. We sneeze if something irritates the sensitive lining of the inside our nose. This lining has lots of nerve endings which are able to detect irritation caused by dust or anything else which isn’t meant to be in the nose!
    If these nerves become activated they send a message to the brain, which in turn sends a message to the part of the brain controlling breathing – the breathing centre. In response to this, the breathing centre tells the muscles controlling breathing to take a big breath in and then breath out very quickly. This is an example of a reflex – you have very little control of whether you sneeze or not.
    Interestingly, have you ever noticed that if you look at a bright light it brings on a sneeze, or makes it easier to sneeze? This is because there is a connection in your brain between the eyes and the circuits controlling sneezing!

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