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Why does the light from gazillions of stars not drown out sunlight?

Why does the light from the countless gazillions of stars in the universe not drown out the light from our sun?
Mike Carson from Fife (Age 45-54)


One Response

  1. This is a great question that people spent a lot of time thinking about – it’s called Olber’s Paradox. Light travels at a finite speed so it takes time for the light from distant (early) stars to reach us. According to the Big Bang Theory, the Universe has a finite age, so the Earth receives no starlight from beyond a finite distance, and so the sky isn’t infinitely bright! Another point to mention is that the Universe is expanding. This means that all of the light in the very early Universe has been red-shifted (the wavelength has been ‘stretched’), so it’s not very bright anymore! This light is all around us – it’s called the cosmic microwave background and it can give us lots of information about the early Universe.

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