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Do jelly fish have organs and how do they give birth?

Do jelly fish have organs and how do they give birth?
Donnell Ingram from Swansea (Age: 5-14)


3 Responses

  1. Jelly fish have much simpler body plans than we or any other vertebrate has. Organs are defined as a group of tissues which perform a function or functions, our skin is an organ, so yes they do have them. But they do not have specialised organs like a heart, lungs, digestive sytem or a brain. Their bodies aren’t much more than a sac called a gastrovascular cavity. Gastro means stomach and vascular means something to do with blood vessels. So this sac is used to digest and absorb food and also exchange gasses with the environment (what our lungs do).

    Jelly fish can reproduce two ways, both sexually and asexually. In asexual reproduction they bascially split or produce a bud which separates and swims off. When they reproduce sexually a male squirts its sperm into the sea which swim into the mouth of the female and fertilise her eggs. The egg then grows into a larva which swims away from its mother and develops into a jelly fish. They actually have two different stages in their life cycles, one in which they swim around the sea as we know them and another in which they attach to rocks unable to move. This is called a polyp and is like an upside down jelly fish with the tentacles waving up above them grabbing food, like a squidgy coral. The polyp stage usually comes before the swimming stage.

  2. Jellyfish give egg birth. they dont give live birth. jellyfish are not mammals.

  3. Jellies are basically one large organ that process every thing from food to gasses.

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