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What is the time at the centre of the earth?

What is the time at the centre of the earth?
Ben from Surrey (Age: 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Time is relative!

    What that means that our clocks on the surface of the earth usually roughly follow solar time, which means that the different times we use in different zones are just a convenient choice, where 12 noon occurs when the zone is at its highest point. We thus define our clocks relative to a different point in different time zones, but really it is the same time here right now as in New York–we just measure time in different ways.

    The time at the centre of the earth is thus 12:58 GMT right now.

  2. The 24 hour clock that we all use to measure time throughout the day has been created by humans to allow us to breakdown a single rotation of the earth into smaller units – since this is more useful to us for managing our daily lives & provides us with a way of measuring the amount of daylight we have each day. (One complete rotation of the earth takes approximately 24 hours). If you were at the very centre of the earth then you would be on the axis of rotation (and the same would be true if you were stood at the north or south poles). Since it’s either permanently dark or light for long periods of time & nobody lives in these places then time here using our 24 hour clock isn’t necessary & no specific timezone exists. People travelling here can use any timezone that they want so that they know what time it is in other parts of the world, the same would be true if you were to go to the centre of the earth. As long as you know how your time relates to a recognized timezone (commonly GMT – Greenwich Mean Time) then it can be any time you want at the centre of the earth.

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