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Do UFOs exist?

Do UFOs exist?
Mariko Yanagisawa from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)


One Response

  1. Well, taking the question literally, since UFO just stands for ‘unidentified flying object’, they certainly do: we see things in the sky and don’t know what they are quite frequently.

    If you mean UFOs in the b-movie sense of alien vehicles, it really depends how optimistic you are. The possibility of aliens visiting us depends on several things, as described by a bloke called Drake:
    -how many planets capable of supporting life there are
    -how common it is for life to evolve on them
    -how common it is for that life to be intelligent
    -how likely it is that it will develop interstellar travel
    -how long it lasts for before wiping itself out
    You get different estimates of how likely we are to meet aliens depending on all these things, and since we have no information about intelligent life other than humanity, we’re lacking a lot of data.

    But in the case of UFOs, there’s one more thing to consider; if aliens did visit us, would they hang around remote areas doing stunts and abducting poor schmucks, or would they announce themselves and befried/conquer us immediately?

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