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Evolution vs Entropy

Evolution proceeds in the direction of the more complex. Entropy proceeds in the direction of the less complex. Hence it appears that these two are opposed and will eventually collide. If so, which will prevail and what will the outcome be? How will the end of our universe be affected by that outcome?
Howard Kleyn from Norfolk (Aged 55+)


One Response

  1. Although at a quick galnce it looks as if evolution proceeds from the simple to the complex this is not the case, for example there are fewer bones in our skulls than in the skulls of ancient fish. Many organisms have vestigial characteristics such as our appendix that are no longer useful. These extra ‘complexities’ waste material and energy in producing them and may even be harmful e.g. appendicitis. However, because natural selection can only work on mutations that arise, organisms retain these features until a mutation appears that frees them from making them. Such mutations result in simpler forms. There are lots of organisms that are simpler than their ancestral forms; parasites are extreme examples. Evolution is not purposive; it has no direction because it depends on mutations which arise at random.

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