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How do birds manage to navigate & migrate?

How do birds manage to navigate & migrate so precisely? – and in such unison – constantly?



2 Responses

  1. There are a number of answers here. Firstly, some birds migrate/navigate by sight and there is much evidence to suggest that a number of species use a visual map of where home lies, where food is etc and may actually migrate using a map in their heads. Even owls use a visual memory of their territory when flying around woods at night which could explain why a number of species such as tawnys spend time flying during the day when they are new to an area – to get a good picture of where they live before it is really dark. Pigeons are thought to use the magnetic field of the Earth as a guide to where they are to help them navigate. And, starlings are even thought to use star maps (a visual memory of where the stars are) to help them to find their way about at night. The answer to your question is actually quite complex and is likely to be different for different species some of which may use several cues to work out where they are.

  2. As you know there are lots of things that can guide a bird during its migration period.
    For instance this are various thing that guides them
    1. Some birds haave something that is Called homing istincts which shows them that it is tome for you to go and where you are going ist has been a routine ssince it was young and alson its youngones will get used to that routine
    2. geagraphical features like Mountains , rivers, lakes, Oceans , Great rift valley .You willfind out that whenever one is at an aerial view ya have visiblility of a very long distance and chances is that at that tall mountain behind it i will go for one day and reach my destination.
    The great rift valley which streches from russia to mozambique quides birds that migrate to salty water lakes
    3.Sun and stars those that migrate during the day follow the rising and setting of the stars and those that migrate at knight follows the position if the stars thus guidingthem where they are going
    4 magnetic field pigeons are very good at this ithey have this power to know where they are goin

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