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How do you survive in space?

How do you survive in space?
Rebecca Stephenson from County Durham (Aged 5-14)


One Response

  1. We survive by taking our own enviroment with us. The very first manned space flights were completed in old diving bells with the door turned inside out so the atmosphere forced the door close rather than opened it.

    If the human body is not surrounded by an atmosphere our blood would boil and we would not survive. This is one of the reasons why pilots who fly on the edge of space. (The old amercian SR71, U2, Russian Mig 25) all fly in space suits so if they were to eject they could survive if the cabin systems failed.

    Spacecraft and rockets have sealed environemts which are fully controlled which srubs out the carbon dooxide from the air and allow more oxygen for us to beath. When any astronasught need to do a space walk they pre breath oxygen to remove the nitrogen from their bodies. This allow them to get into a space suit where the air pressure is only 1/3 of normal. This allow them to move their hand and feet without getting too tired. But I am tld it is still extremely hard and they will exercise with grips to ty and improve their hand strength.

    If anyone were to go into space without taking an atmosphere with them in a space suit or spacecraft they would die very quickly.

    The safety record of spacecraft is relatively good but is not perfest. Many checks are made to ensure that the dangers to astronaughts are as small as possible.

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