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Is it possible that anti-matter exhibits anti-gravity?

Is it possible that anti-matter exhibits anti-gravity? If so could this explain why it is so scarce? Imagine at the creation of the universe all the anti-matter would be at the edge of the universe because it would not be restrained by the force of gravity.
R Lindeck from West Sussex (Aged 55+)


3 Responses

  1. That’s a clever idea. However, antimatter is ‘anti’ or opposite to matter only in the sense that it has opposite internal quantum numbers, like electric charge. A positron is an anti-electron, like the electron but with positive charge instead of negative charge. It actually has exactly the same mass an electron. Antimatter does not have ‘anti-mass’ so it is not possible for it to exhibit anti-gravity.

    On a slightly deeper level, gravity is always an inherently attractive force. Although we do not have a quantum theory of gravity yet, we know it is mediated by the exchange of gravitons. As a consequence of the graviton spin quantum number being 2, the force that it mediates is always attractive, not repulsive.

  2. Thanks for the answer. Does it mean that an electron and a positron actually annihilate each other or just “neutralise” their electric charge?

    My impression has always been that the total energy or mass within the Universe would equate to nothing, with equal amounts of matter and anti-matter.

    Seems I need to revise this idea.

  3. what if the universe is some kind of ‘cell’ and has an antimatter membrane, which is attracting our normal matter towards it as it gets closer the pull gets stronger hence speeds up? And possibly the center of the universe is a so called ‘white hole’ replacing the matter that hits the membrane in some sort of loop. Wormholes from blackholes may channel the matter to this whitehole. The matter that comes into contact with the membrane may trigger off new universes, and new whiteholes, or my brain hurts…

    My point is maybe the universe isnt pushing itself away but being pulled. Pure speculation of course and I am not cosmologist but still I love to ponder.

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