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What is the meaning of the universe?

What is the meaning of the universe?
Stevie Anderson from Tyne and Wear (Aged 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Dear Stevie,

    You should read ‘The Hithicker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams. In this book the question as to ‘the meaning of life, the universe and everything’ was asked, and the answer given by the biggest ever supercomputer was……….. 42.

    This may well be the best answer you are going to get !!!

  2. The anecdote was misrepresented there Martin.

    The point of the supercomputer responding “42” was that everyone got quite upset because the answer didn’t make much sense, to which the computer replied “what what is it you’re really asking?” Douglas Adams was pointing out that this question, “What is the meaning of the universe?” doesn’t make much sense.

    This is THE big question. And yet, what does it really mean? The real problem is that we get caught up in the words, because words are just a clumsy representation of what our thoughts really.. well, what they really “mean” 🙂

    For example, what is MEANING? The dictionary will tell you something like ..

    1. The symbolic value of something.
    2. The significance of a thing, as “the meaning of life”
    3. The definition or connotation of a word.

    Number three is obviously my pun above, number one could be debated over, but number two is direct. The significance of the universe.

    So then we look up significance… and guess what?

    1. The state or quality of being significant.
    2. A meaning that is expressed.
    3. A covert or implied meaning.

    You see how we’re running in circles here.

    Ultimately, the meaning of the universe is whatever you prescribe to it. If you think that the universe is a big accident and it is without meaning, then that is the meaning it will have for you. If you choose instead to believe that there is something very special about being here and search for that meaning wherever you can find it, then maybe your life will be filled with a little bit more awe and reverence than if you’d just written it off as a cosmic goof.

    Whichever the case, I suspect if you two are already asking such questions, you’ll likely find yourselves in the latter group.

    Good luck in your hunt, but remember, like a great adventure, it’s not the destination which is important, but the journey itself.

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