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Why don’t we like pain?

Pain. It hurts. But why is it that we don’t like pain? Is it because of something inside our head? We know we don’t like it but…why don’t we like pain?
Jake Oliver from Somerset (Aged 5-14)

When you cut yourself why does it sting?
Luke Aspinwall from Swansea (aged 5-14)


2 Responses

  1. Pain results from damage, or potential damage, to your body. pain receptors send messages to your brain informing them that something is causing you harm and the brain generates an unpleasant feeling.
    The reaon for this is to let you know that something is damaging you so that you can stop whatever you are doing and/or attend to the damaged tissues. You might think that there could be a less unpleasant way for your body to let you know it is damaged, but you could ignore that message, pain is very hard to ignore.
    Some people are born without the ability to feel pain and they demonstrate how important pain is. They usually have very short lives and suffer numerous injuries because they don’t get the early warning that something is wrong.

  2. We already dislike pain as newborns because our brain already knows that it is not a nice thing. This is not something you need to learn about. (Young children learn that it is called “pain”, but they know what it is since they were born). It is also quite important for survival, as you would be likely to injure yourself, get very sick or even die if you could not feel pain. Just imagine putting your hand in the fire, but feeling no pain. You could damage your hand very badly!

    I suppose that the reason we dislike pain has to do with evolution. Since pain is important to avoid trouble, only the ones who could feel it made it to this day.

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