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Why is there day and night?

Why is there day and night?
Louise Stokoe from Kent (Age 5-14)


One Response

  1. HI Young Scientist :).
    Day follows night follows day and so on because our planet turns round and round it’s middle line (an imaginary one) which is called the ‘axis’ running from the geographic north pole to the geographic south pole of Earth. That is not actually top to bottom as our planet would be seen from some far distant point in space because planet Earth is slightly tilted, (by 23.5 degrees from the perpendicular to the Earth – Sun plane, outwards from the top that is). It is this tilt which is responsible for the seasonal changes which we experience in the temperature and other weather patterns – that coupled with our orbit around the Sun which takes all year! Therefore, because sunlight comes straight towards our almost ball-shaped globe all the time, only the part of our planet’s surface which lines up at some angle to the Sun is illuminated by it. But, obviously, the part which is illuminated and how brightly any spot that is within that area can be illuminated is dependant on where it is on Earth and it is the rotation of the planet which creates the passage of time of day. The Earth’s progression / orbit around the Sun causes the passage of days, weeks, months and hence the seasons, which fill each year.
    I hope that this answer explains how night time and day time are created and why we need clocks and calendars to help us to use time to the best effect.
    Good Luck,

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