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Are all self-portraits painted before the invention of photography, mirror images?

Are all self-portraits painted before the invention of photography, mirror images?

Martin Grundy from Hampshire (Age 45-54) 


How do you breed tropical butterflies?

How do you breed tropical butterflies?
What equipment do I need?

Finn Duggan from London (Age 5-14)

Can some acid burn through anything?

Some acid can burn through anything – so why won’t it burn through the glass jars it kept in?
Harry from Buckinghamshire (age 5-14)

If acid burns stuff how can it stay in glass bottles?
Adam from Hertfordshire (age 5-14)

When a parachute opens does the sky diver go up?

When a parachute opens does the sky diver go up?

Rob from Gloucestershire (age 5-14)

Why is blood red?

Why is blood red?
Chloe Smith
Nadiya Basite from Swansea (aged 5-14)
Preston Primary School Stockton on Tees (aged 5-14)

Why is your blood red?
Rosie from West Midlands (age 5-14)

Why does our blood turn red when it touches oxygen?
Autumn Marie Taylor from Kent (age 5-14)
Sherylin McCarthy from Kent (age 5-14)

Why does white paper appear white?

If you stand out in the open on a grass-green meadow under a blue sky with your back to the sun, why does a white piece of paper, held in the shade of your body but still in the, supposed, blue-scattered-light; from the sky, still appear white? Is this because the eye colour-corrects to see white, why doesn’t it see the sky as white aswell?

Chris Bradley

Why is there salt in sea water?

Why is there salt in sea water? 
Francesca Josephson

Why is the sea salty?
Bluebell class from Kent (Age 5-14)
Hannah Tyler from Kent (age 5-14)
Eagles Class from Kent (age 5-14)