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How do animals have instincts?

How do animals have instincts?
Francesca Josephson


One Response

  1. Not only animals but also humans have instincts. Humans,for example, have instincts to steer clear of spiders and snakes from being babies. Instincts arise because the brain already has a set of behaviour preprogrammed into it by the genes during its development . So when a human or an animal is born the brain is not empty waiting for experiences to fill it up. These instinctive behaviours are brain programs already in there when we are born which gave us and the animals a better chance to survive and /or breed . This is why the good instincts spread through the population and the poorer ones died out.
    I like the example of the tufted duck which like a cuckoo it lays its eggs in other ducks’ nests. When normal ducklings hatch, their preprogrammed brain programs make sure that they attach themselves to the first moving object that they see. As that is usually the mother duck, that’s a good thing to do for a duckling. The tufted duck however has all the brain preprogramming it needs to fend for itself – it doesn’t need to learn from its mother,or anybody else’s mother, and as soon as it leaves the egg it walks off into the world alone to fend for itself. Two different but successful sets of instincts preprogrammed by evolution and natural selection working with genes to make sure their brains are preprogrammed differently but effectively for what they need to do to be successsful when they enter into the world. you might like to investigate what a baby kangaroo (only an inch long) has to do to survive after birth — It’s amazing

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