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Could the big bang not have been an explosion?

The Big Bang.

Please help me rid my mind of a recurrent idea which surfaces every time I read the New Scientist. It is this:-
The big bang did not explode taking all the space-time, matter and all with it giving rise to the need for inflation but it imploded, for want of a better way to say it, and the generation of space-time formed a sort of event horizon surround in the nothing. Hence there is an ever expanding birthplace for all that we can see, leaving behind the steady, relatively, state as we observe it. This means that wherever we look at as great a distance as we have the capability to look, every thing looks younger because it is.

Brian Churchyard


One Response

  1. Very intresting question.We all think big bang started like a explosion of a atomic bomb.But we know that space is made up of vacume no oxygen to make a explosion.That means universe imploded.But there is an problem to the steady state theory.The steady state theory states that the matter came out of nothing.The basic law in physics is matter connot come from itself.

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