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Is it possible that all present time is almost instantlly converted into light energy which is what we label as the past?

After pondering about time travel, I concluded that maybe we are not aware of anyone from the future actually traveling to the age we live in because of what the past is actually converted into. Is it possible that all present time is almost instantlly converted into light energy which is what we label as the past? If so, and if we can actually travel in time, how could we interact with light energy that isn’t really tangible?



3 Responses

  1. Here is a question I have pondered on for a long time. What happens to time and space, after it has happened. Does the future really exist? If it did, and they in fact had been able to travel back in time successfully, why are we not in that time? If you look at it, it would seem to be a loop. If we brought our technology and knowledge back in time several thousand years, would that affect us today so we have technology of ‘tomorrow’? And does history repeat itself? Or is it just converted into light energy? If so, what does it do? This one question brings up many theories, and many, many more questions.

  2. Generally, I think time is considered a dimension (or technically half of a dimension, since we can only go forward through it). As a dimension, I would assume that it can no more be converted to energy than “up” can be converted to energy. The past were, in fact, converted into light energy, it would seem like it would need to “be” somewhere, and you’ve only got the present left as an option, where we don’t see a whole lot of light that can’t be explained. Either way though, I’m not even going to try to speculate on the possibilities of time travel, sorry 🙂


  3. Systems can actually travel back in time, but not as you would recognise it. If a electron travels back in time it becomes a anti-electron (a positron). And say that a entire system (a human for example) would travel back in time, then the all the matter in the human would become anti-matter. Let’s assume we can deal with the ‘minor problems’ such as the fact that any contact with normal matter (including air) leads to instead annihilation, then the person wouldn’t notice a thing, and would still age. The is because entropy is not time-symmetric.

    What we call time is (in my opinion) best described as a wave of casualty, and the speed with which it travels is determined by gravity (space time curvature).

    So could we go back in time? I don’t think so because the ‘past’ is no longer there. It has been replaced with the current system.

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