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Digital photos – do they tell the future and can you index them into a table of combinations?

With a digital camera you could take a photo of
pretty much anything, at any time, anywhere – on this
world or another, at this time, or in the future.

So, given that digital images have a width and height (pixels) and colour it means you could calculate every possible permutation of image and therefore see images that will ‘maybe’ show snap shots of the future, past or present.

1) How can this be if you can take ‘infinte’ number of different photos of something? Does that imply that nature repeats?

2) Say if you were able to create the images on a computer. How would you know the image was true / false?

3) If this were possible, could you translate an image back to a number which would be the index into a table of combinations?

3.1) would this index number be a form of data compression?





Why does a person grow physically but mentally it takes time?

my question is “Why does a person grow physically but mentally it takes time”?

please send your answers to my email michael.bandrow@ymail.com

Are photons visible or do they have a ‘random’ trajectory?

Say if you have one atom which is made to emit a photon which could be detected somehow.

1) Is the photon the atom produces ‘visible’ from every perspective of the atom at the same time?

2) or does it have a specific ‘random’ trajectory?




How do space and gravity work together?

Like space time is the black stuff of space and gravity related in the same way? We know that galaxies are spinning to fast to stay together. They say it is the black stuff that stops or controls them from flying apart. So does gravity and the black stuff work together, and cannot be separated?

Don Lykles. New Zealand (55+)