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29 Responses

  1. Do cats have funny bones?

  2. To further study ‘centre’s of gravity’ is it possible to analyse the moons centre? Does the moon have a core like the earth? The earths core makes it almost impossible to study at minute anatomical scales does it not? Could we do this with the moon?

  3. Why is the speed of light in a vacuum 299,792,458 mps?

    Why isn’t it 299,792,457 or 299,792,459 mps or any other speed?

  4. What causes humans to have a like and dislike toward different things in life?

  5. Why is it that those in Africa when malnourished their stomachs swell, however anorexics worldwide do not show signs of this infact it is the total opposite effect?

  6. Does honey placed on the skin actually help eczema?

  7. what is beond the universe? if the universe is expanding, what lies beond it to expand into??? how can it grow if its the gargest mass?

  8. how do we effectivley engage ‘at risk’ adolescents to consider their mortality

  9. why is chocolate so addictive

  10. Why does the boy seahorse carry the eggs?

  11. If the ‘Theory of Everything’ is dependent on 11 dimensions as opposed to our normal understanding of 4 dimensions……

    ….what specifically are the 11 dimensions and what is their importantance to the theory ?

  12. What predictions to you foresee, regarding what discoveries will be made when CERN and NIF (National Ingnition Facility) go online?
    God particles?
    No God?

  13. Is it true that the moon is moving away from the earth and if so what are the consequences?

  14. What connects our eyes to our body? (by the way the question sent in by manjeet is very funny

  15. question:-wet plastic isn’t a good conductor of elecricty but wet wood is

  16. what makes colloids for the tyndall effect (scattering of light)

  17. What type of device woiuld be required to convert nuclear waste to emit the same range of requencies found in sun light. Thanks

  18. When these gang members say there is nothing to do, what about years after the war into the Fifties, youth had nothing to do to entertain themselves, yet there was violence as there is today.

  19. My previous e-mail, I meant there was NO VIOLENCE. Sorry ….

  20. Why do we always ask “why”?

  21. Why do the worlds politicians not do anything to combat global warming when the credible evidence is incontrovertible and they are the only people whose actions could have a significant effect? By almost all scientifically accepted accounts, the earth is rapidly closing in on a so-called tipping point by which time action will be too late.

    Are the leaders of the world happy that their legacy will be the deaths of millions, even billions, and a fundamental change to the planet, never before seen in human history?

  22. To Ann from Preston
    i think that that is just an excuse to make it ok to do the acts of violence that they commit because there is a lot to do in the world besides run around killing,shooting,and things so there.

  23. where are ligers found?

  24. you should get scientist to awnsre these questions.

  25. If we accept that the universe is expanding and that the distance between the galaxies is increasing then logically extra space is being created. Einsteins theories lead us to believe that matter/energy affects the space/time it interacts with and warps it causing gravity. This property is measurable not just on Earth but also in space as in the Asteroid Mitigation Programme uses a rocket to navigate close to the Asteroid to deflect it using its own gravitational pull.
    Question is where is this extra potential force/energy..whatever coming from. As the Universe expands is space being stretched and is there a limit..will these properties or interactions change or is Space more akin to light as in a constant.

  26. this is a strange question but,
    is it true that your dreams only last for half a second?
    please email me the answar!

  27. Can we make petrol by adding other chemicals to water

  28. Why do our noses and ears get really cold before anything else? And how do we heat them up once cold?

  29. Hello Ellie , my guess is that the circulation in these organs is not good , and the insulation is also poor because they are exposed and separate from the main part of the head . To keep them warm you should apply insulation such as earmuffs .

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