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Could you swim under Australia?

Is it possible to swim under Australia? I mean islands are not connected to the core of the earth so you could actually swim under them. Well it isn’t possible because islands are like upside down mountains but…
Basically, is Australia attached to the core like all other countries or is it an actual island? So just say we could swim under islands because they arent attached to the core, would we be able to swim under Australia?

(I know it is a stupid question but I have to do a project and I am supposed to research about a question that has been on your mind lately. So if you dont mind I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thank you!!)

Sian Graham


How deep is the earth?

How deep is earth? How would you measure it?
Jess from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

Which dinosaur had the sharpest teeth?

Which dinosaur had the sharpest teeth?
William Wisson-Burton from Cambridgeshire (Age 5-14)

Could the world ever go into an ice age again?

Could the world ever go into an ice age again?
George Fox from Somerset (Age 5-14)

Has Hawaii come from an underground volcano?

Has Hawaii come from an underground volcano? How long can a volcano erupt for?
Topaz Class from Oxfordshire (Aged 5-14)

How did the dinosaurs die?

How did the dinosaurs die?
Kai Wall from Stockton on Tees (Aged 5-14)

What really made the dinosaurs extinct?
Harry from West Midlands (age 5-14)

Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?
Thomas from West Midlands (age 5-14)

Why didn’t all the dinosaurs die out? That is, for example, if birds are descended from dinosaurs how did their ancestors manage to survive when others died out?
Benjamin Glover from West Midlands (age 5-14)

How does dousing work?

How does dousing work? I don’t believe in any of the mystical, new age reasons but I can do it – and with a bent metal coat hanger. Why do the rods react when they are above water? How do they sense that water is there?
Felicity Martin from Powys (Age: 55+)