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How many grandfathers do you have?

How many grandfathers do you have? That would, of course, include all levels of grandfather. I have an inkling, but I would rather see what others would do to figure out an answer.
John Deethardt, 55+ U.S.

John F. Deethardt II


How was it established that the speed of light is a constant?

The speed of light is said to be a constant; if it is an absolute how is this established? Or is it really relative?
Derek Stevens from Pembrokeshire (Aged 55+)

How did air all come into our world?

How did air all come into our world?
Sian from Cheshire (Aged 55+)

Could you create a robot with a mind of its own?

Could you create a robot with a mind of its own in a lab? Could it have human features?
Brandy Jo Anderson from Conwy (Aged 55+)

Why are humans the size of humans, and not ants?

If humans were a lot smaller, say the size of ants, would we still be able to have jet planes, fridges, cars, bridges etc but all pro-rated smaller? Or are there some things we couldn�t make smaller, say power stations in which case why are we the �right� size?
Robin Morgan from West Sussex (Aged 55+)

Evolution vs Entropy

Evolution proceeds in the direction of the more complex. Entropy proceeds in the direction of the less complex. Hence it appears that these two are opposed and will eventually collide. If so, which will prevail and what will the outcome be? How will the end of our universe be affected by that outcome?
Howard Kleyn from Norfolk (Aged 55+)

How reliable is the use of DNA matching in forensic work?

How reliable is the use of DNA matching in forensic work? Can identical twins cause false positive or false negative (�not me, my brother�) evidence? What risk of false positive by pure fluke in in-breeding communities, e.g. Sikh villages, Norfolk Island?
George v dyke from Cornwall (Aged 55+)