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At the British Science Association we care about what you think and we’d love to know your thoughts on this blog. Please leave your comments below on how we could develop it. Remember it’s only been going since National Science and Engineering Week, March 2008, so it’s early days. How would you like to see it improved? How can we get more answers? Do you find it useful? Please let us know what you think.

Thank you!

The National Science and Engineering Week Team.


12 Responses

  1. This is a really good idea and some of the questions are brilliant.

    It is not very clear from the Big Questions homepage how long this blog will be up and running – is it intended to be a permanent fixture or just to run during science and engineering week?

    How often are the questions updated as I sent a question about 4 days ago and haven’t seen any sign of it yet?

    If any research is sparked by some of the ideas on this website will the originator get the credit?

    Thanks for a much-needed site

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for this comment, and we’re glad you like this site.

    We’re very sorry it sometimes takes us a little while to add questions and answers. Every one of them has to be vetted and added to the system, but we are working as fast as time allows, so please be a little patient.

    It would be lovely if people who come up with ideas were given the credit, although there is no guarantee of that.

    We hope your question finds an answer soon.

    The BA

  3. As someone answering it would be useful / faster if the unanswered questions were in sections too .. and maybe came up in randon order or you could choose to start at a later page of them …??

  4. How do I find whether you have answered my question, it was about parachutes opening and it doesn’t come up under a search for “parachute”?

  5. This is an excellent site – what would be good is to do a link from the question a person has asked that takes them to their specific answer as after time, you have to remember what question you asked !!

    Secondly, you should publish this into a book – great as a Christmas gift as it full of very interesting questions and answers – could make the site some great income
    regards Michelle Bray

  6. It would be useful if there was some form of numbering on the questions so that you could go back directly to where you left off rather than having to start again from the beginning within a category.

  7. I haven’t been able to find my question.

    The website is not very friendly in this regard

  8. From Jenny Beard at the BA,

    I’ll contact each of you personally as well, but I thought I would also put my response here too just in case anyone else has the same issues.

    Due to the high number of questions submitted (nearly 2,000) sometimes we agree that it is hard to find your question on this blog. I recommend that you use the search bar on the right hand side and type in your name as you typed it when you asked the question – or go to a category you think it should be in.

    If you are still having trouble – please contact me directly and I’ll try and sort it out. There may be that your question has not been added to the blog for a number of reasons (although the vast majority are here).

    Kind regards,


  9. If you put your own name into the search bar you should find all your own questions!

  10. HI Jenny :).
    Many Thanks for the guidance given above. It is good to know of short cuts to re location. Again I would compliment you and the team there on running a valuable forum. Personally I am finding answering is an interesting and challenging experience which exercises my memory and stretches my own understanding. I do hope your website continues to be active long into the future.
    Good Luck,

  11. Thanks Rockno3!

    Don’t worry – we are keeping this blog live as many people have asked us to keep it going. It would be a shame for it to stop seeing as its been so popular so far!


  12. Hi Jenny 🙂 I am pleased to see that your excellent site remains active! Also the offshoot site ‘Change Exchange’ seems very promising too. I will sign up.
    All The Best,

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