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Where do birds go in the winter?

Here in Canada, winters are pretty cold
I would like to know where do birds go in winter?
do they hibernate? if so where??

I know a few (migratory birds) fly South, but what about the sparrows, finches, etc, etc

Anticipated thanks for your replies

11 years old


Is the Earth expanding and does the Sun have an orbit?

How can people be so sure that the earth is expanding? Also, if the Sun has an orbit what keeps it in its orbit?

How did God come into existence?

I am a hardcore Christian, and since I don’t believe in the universe being created by the big bang, I believe it was created by God.
But, if it says in the bible that God has no beginning and no end, but He would HAVE to be either ‘created’ or come into existence SOMEHOW. How can you best explain this?
Also, if He created the universe and all that came with it, would that mean He would have created time itself? Well, if THAT’S true, then what came before time? Pure nothingness? But then how would God have MADE time if there WAS no time in the first place? No time means no movement or creation, right?
And if all of the aforementioned is true/somewhat true, how was God himself created if he created time, even though he had no beginning or no end? I mean, He had to have been brought into existence SOMEHOW, as everything must, otherwise it simply… Doesn’t exist.

Asked by John

I hope you can understand all of that, I ask this question because it’s just too much for my brain to comprehend.

Why do animals and humans eat different foods?

Why is it that some foods for humans aren’t good for other mamals and animals?

Andrew Ford

Would you collect more rain on the windscreen of your car if you were moving or if you were still?

Would you collect more rain on the windscreen of your car if you were moving or if you were still?

Andrew Ford

Could you swim under Australia?

Is it possible to swim under Australia? I mean islands are not connected to the core of the earth so you could actually swim under them. Well it isn’t possible because islands are like upside down mountains but…
Basically, is Australia attached to the core like all other countries or is it an actual island? So just say we could swim under islands because they arent attached to the core, would we be able to swim under Australia?

(I know it is a stupid question but I have to do a project and I am supposed to research about a question that has been on your mind lately. So if you dont mind I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thank you!!)

Sian Graham

Is there a limit to how fast a man can ever run?

Given that Olympic World Records are constantly being beaten, is there actually a limit as to how fast a man can ever run?

Paul Warner